Bringing the sun into Sunshine Coast styling

The family

I have done several lots of styling for this family, as it is my Mum!  She is pretty nifty at styling, though seeks a hand to take it to the next level – the holistic level.  This time around, Mum selected greys for the interior and a slightly cooler tint for the white on the walls.  Moreover, every time I have stepped in there, I have not enjoyed the coolness of the space.  They had some people from Sunshine Coast Styling come in to take a look, and they made some nips and tucks.  Still not happy, Mum gave a hoy for me to come and warm the space up and take it to the next level.

What we did

During the assessment, I went through the complete list of modalities necessary to grace the space. The first thing I noticed was the lack of contrast between the rug in the lounge and the sofa.  I also saw that the rug under the dining table would be far more suitable.  So, with Mum’s help, we swapped the rugs over – BOOM!! Immediate difference! The wine rack next to the kitchen bench was messing with me, so that had to go.  We removed the radio from the kitchen bench and moved some of the other pieces around to improve the flow.

The magic

A few hours of shopping produced the bits of magic to grace the space.  New cushions, a hall runner, plants, baskets, mats, throws, mirrors, candles.  All the fun stuff!  Pull it all together and Voila! Simple Sunshine Coast Styling Tips.

Lounge area after styling Sunshine Coast Styling

Lounge area after styling

Before styling

After Sunshine Coast styling Before styling

After Sunshine Coast styling

Before Styling

After styling

Before Styling