Do I need an interior designer or interior stylist?

Ah, the old Interior Designer or Interior Stylist question.

This is what I have learned.

“Designers are Scientists, Stylists are Magicians”

The size and scope of the job is the determining factor in this decision. 

The bigger the job, full renovation for example, the more skills are necessary. 

An Interior Designer  has a formal qualification after studying for around 4 years. They manage the whole renovation project, including liaison with architects and other service providers. Typically, these jobs are large and time consuming with a large budget necessary. Sometimes an Interior Designer will hire an Interior Stylist to put the icing on the cake they made. 

In contrast, interior stylists (previously only utilised for magazines, media) focus completely on the aesthetics of a space. Often with a keen eye, intuitive nature and a stylish disposition, interior stylists often possess a diploma, certificate, vocational training, or just a knack. 

Interior stylists are experts at assessing an existing space, then making recommendations around decorative elements such as finishes, furniture and accessories.

If you are wanting a refresh of your home, and will not be making any structural changes, then an interior stylist can work with you to breathe magic into your home. 

An Holistic Interior Stylist takes things to another level again. With an emphasis on natural elements, energy flow, sustainable living, and a sensory approach, the Holistic Interior Stylist specialises in bringing light, energy, and space into a home, improving harmony, health and healing.  Not only will your space look authentically stunning, it will FEEL and SMELL amazing. 

Camylla Battani