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Decluttering & Flow

To begin home styling Brisbane, we need to declutter.   If energy is not flowing freely in my space, I get cranky and irate, can’t concentrate or focus. Hubby calls his office ‘organised chaos’ – oh my goodness, I start to twitch in there!  Our environment is a direct reflection of what is going on in our mind, body, and spirit. Feng Shui is assessed at this point.

Balance Visual Elements

Not only is this about rearranging furniture, though also about proportion and height.  You will know when you walk into a balanced room as your body feels relaxed and you feel like you can breathe. On the other hand, imagine walking into a teenagers bedroom, into which I do not generally have access………

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Texture And Depth By Adding Natural Fibres

Texture & Depth

There is a fine line between ‘vanilla’ and ‘over the top’ When it comes to home styling. That’s where texture and depth come in. Throwing in the occasional textured cushion or blanket really lifts a space. Arrangement of personal effects needs to be carefully considered in order to create interest.

Lighting & Acoustics 

Lighting is the equivalent to jewellery. It needs to be stylish, understated and the right colour!!!  Those cold bulbs should be banned – except in the kitchen.   Mood lighting is always going to create the cosiest, lived-in space.  Highlight this with lamps for reading. There is really no need for your house to look like a Christmas tree! Soft furnishings = good acoustics = bliss


The smell is the most sensitive of all the senses. Smell elicits emotion and triggers a memory.  Think about walking into a day spa. The first thing that hits you?  The aroma.   Why not have that feeling of bliss when walking into your own home at the end of the day?  Our home is a no-toxin zone, so I only use the purest of essential oils for aroma.  Happy to chat with you about the incredible capacity of essential oils – just ask!


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