Modified Design, Declutter and Styled Home


How can I sell my house faster? 

Let me help you create spaces that look, feel, and even smell irresistible to your target “heart” buyer for top dollar!

I will help you style and photograph your home in preparation for renting or selling. I will also recommend the most stimulating aroma for your  “open home” and teach you why the power of aromatherapy will subconsciously appeal to buyers. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this

Save time and money, make it easy, and give your home the best chance of:

Increasing your selling/rental price
Increasing enquiries
Speeding up tenancy agreements

Has your house been on the market for a while without budging?  I can help with this too.  Often there is a subconscious undercurrent related to YOU that is preventing the sale of your home.

“I still can’t believe this.  Suz asked ‘Are you ok’ at coffee after yoga?  I said that we had been unable to sell the house after 18 months on the market. She asked me some questions and identified that I was struggling to let go and asked what I wanted my ideal buyer to smell and feel as they walked in. She loaned me a diffuser and some oil and gave me some exercises around letting go. Walking out of yoga together a week later, the phone rang with a contract!”  Susan.

Before and after of airbnb bedroom
Before and after styling of bathroom
Before and after styling dining room