India Interiors and Exteriors

My recent travels around India Interiors revealed some quite interesting observations which I thought I would share. I guess the thing that stood out most was the number of really dark interiors.  For a really hot country, I guess this is not what I had expected.  Dark walls, thick curtains – such a surprise. Not to say that ALL were dark.  My Airbnb accommodation at the beach was all light and bright – just how we Aussies like it.

In true Indian form, there was lots of colour on exteriors, and some of my accommodation interiors were bright bright bright and oh so cheery.  Um, take a look at the bathrooms too!!! Classic.

My absolute favourite was City Palace in Udaipur. The rooms in there are breathtaking, as you can see in the images.  Note though, do NOT go to a Palace on a Festival Day!! Nightmare.

Such a great experience and I cannot wait to head back.  Check out my 10 top tips for travelling in India.

Have you been to India?   What was your experience?