Seven smart design ideas that will fool people into thinking you hired a Pro

1. Declutter

Easiest (and hardest) design ideas in the book. There are multiple ways to do this, however my personal preference is using the prevention method.  That means having a place for everything, including paperwork.  That also means that when something is moved from said designated place, that something gets put right back there.  This can be tricky when there are others in the house who don’t like this method of decluttering – I think I have mentioned on a number of occasions that I am married to a hoarder.  The fact that our home needs to be ‘Airbnb’ ready at a moments notice is really helpful though😉

Some like to declutter room by room, other’s just like to set a weekend aside and go through the whole house. When it does come time to (I actually like to call it ‘Spring Clean’), we opt for the 3 piles.  Keep, throw, donate. Consider if each item brings joy to your life.  If not, let somebody else enjoy the item. If it is broken, not working or superfluous, bin it. If you are somebody who has trouble letting go, there are a number of strategies that can be useful when working somebody neutral. Strangely enough, I have copious quantities of experience in this area 😁, so be in touch if you need a hand.


2. Swap last seasons soft furnishings out

This is one of my favourite simple design ideas and one that I play with  every few months! You know what??  Soft furnishings are so inexpensive and so disposable now days, it just doesn’t make sense to go and spend 100 on a cushion any more. The abundance and range of cushions/throws is mind blowing and you are only limited to your imagination.

Have imagination issues?  One word ‘Pinterest’  OR click Contact 😉 Have time issues?  Click Contact and yours truly will be in touch in a jiffy 😘 If you are anything like me, I like to change it up for difference seasons, or different moods or just because I like doing it…………oh and I may have a wee fetish with cushions 😊


3. Purchase/Arrange cushions and throws

Further to point number 2, if you don’t have any soft furnishings, let’s get some!!!  Again, jump onto Pinterest for ideas and even how to arrange. Alternatively, you know the deal!


4. Get a new rug

If you have  rugs, great!  Move them around into different rooms, or purchase a newbie.  Rugs vary in price from $100 to $1000.  If you have young children, opting for the lower price range makes good sense.  My favourite are the jute rugs from good old Ikea.  Natural fibre, versatile, reversible (yep), easy to clean, inexpensive enough to swap out every couple of years. 

Not only do rugs look great, they soften a space, improve acoustics and create a cosy atmosphere. Another fav of the design ideas.  


5. Invest in some good quality essential oils and diffuser

For some, this statement will send you running for the hills – as it did me a few years ago!  Long story short though, I got me these oils and lets just say that they are natural, therapeutic, ridiculous quality, and well…..magic. 

So, not only can essential oils help support your health naturally, they also bring a ‘vibe’ to your space. Without getting too woo woo, they can be emotionally uplifting, grounding and purifying (SO good for Airbnb)…oh and did I mention they smell incredible too??!!

SO, click on Contact for more info!

OR head to this link and take a look around

PS Happy Wife Awesome Life is me, so if you are interested in purchasing, it will be directly through yours truly!


6. Invest in Plants 

What better way to brighten up a space than with a plant or two.  Oh, and the planters/baskets available now – holy moly! Not only do plants look stunning they have amazing health benefits as well. 

For a ‘styled’ look, stick to plants with large, glossy dark green leaves and a natural fibre basket 💚


7. Download a Feng Shui app

Yes, this is really a thing!  Check out how the energy is flowing (or not) in your home by downloading a Feng Shui app.  I use one called Lucky Directions. It is pretty damn cool and a bit of fun too.

Use the app to work out which zones in your house equate to the Feng Shui Bagua (regarded as a pattern determining the significance and auspicious qualities of spatial relationships).  You may find that your storage area is in your wealth zone! Not ideal

Of course, help is always available as well.  You know the drill. Click on Contact. 

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