A calm liveable space with 3 kids under 7?

The issue

Can we justify having a beautiful authentic liveable space when we have 3 children under 7?  Great question and a debatable one at that.  Let me tell you a little bit about my background.  My sister and I actually came from a family home which bordered on ‘clinical’….but it always looked great!  I didn’t enjoy the consistent cleaning, though I did love that we had a nice home when people came over.  I made a point of not doing the same thing.  When my son’s father and I split up, I decided I would like a cream sofa and some lovely furnishings.  Not expensive, as I figured having a two year old boy meant that there was damage potential.  So he had his own cream sofa – with a throw, and my Nanna made some arm covers in the same material.  I sold said lounge 7 years later for more than I paid for it!!!

The answer

95% of my clients have at least one child who is very young.  They battle with this question and wonder if they should spend the money and time making a lovely home.  Friends and family also get in our ears and tell us we are mad as the children will just break stuff or mess stuff up. Of course, this is an individual choice, though when we consider the amount of impact our environment has on our wellbeing, there has to be somewhere we can meet in the middle.

I am a Cancerian 

This means that home is my haven, my safe space.  I made the decision to make an authentic liveable space when my son was small and people constantly commented on how wonderful my home always FELT.  The neutral sofa meant an ongoing change over of soft furnishings from season to season.  The great thing now is that everything is so inexpensive (or can be)!!  We got a large wicker toy box for the dining room where all of James’ toys from the lounge were stored and put away at the end of the day.  We spent loads of time outdoors and on play dates, so there was far less impact than a family who spend LOTS of time at home.


Absolutely!  Let’s do it!!!  Give me a call on 0416 265 836  or drop us an email and we can discuss your stunning new space.

You can have an authentic liveable space with children