How colours help in the bedroom.

Did you know that different colours and lighting in your bedroom have an effect on how you feel? Here I will discuss how colours help in the bedroom.

Pink light is particularly useful in the bedroom as it has relaxant qualities and is a gentle warming colour. It is useful when one is feeling lonely, rejected or grieving. 

Orange is a warm and warming and stimulating colour. Great to combat depression and lift mood. Not to be used if one suffers insomnia.

Red light is associate with stimulation and passion. Warming and exciting and makes us want to move about.

How colours help in the bedroom
How colours help in the bedroom

Yellow light is warm, soft cosy comforting and friendly.

Green light is very cooling and soothing though not good for reading or concentrating. Green candles are good for calming and balancing emotions.

Blue light is soothing and cooling, great when suffering anger or a fever. Helps one sleep and calm the mind.

Violent light can help harmonise mental and emotional state. It can also aid meditation and balance the left and right side of the brain.

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning?

As part of the assessment for my Advance Diploma of Holistic Interior Design, I have to design a bedroom which works for a person who has great difficulty waking up in the morning. So, this design is assuming that the client gets to sleep really easily. The full-length window is to the East (left-hand side of image), and I am using sheer curtains. The colour orange is nice and uplifting , though not too bright and some detail with the palm trees. Feels a bit holiday like, and bright. Ample lighting and a lovely space to open your eyes in the morning.