AROMA Why would I use aroma to sell/rent my home?

Why and how?

I thought you would never ask!!!!  This is such an awesome secret! Very simply, aroma triggers emotion. In a split second, Aroma has the ability to trigger memories from the depths of consciousness. For me, Manuka essential oil takes me back to my grandmothers kitchen table.  Such a wonderful fond memory.  

A recent study suggested that rather than the good old freshly baked bread and coffee, citrus is the aroma which stimulates buyers the most.  Get yourself a bowl of oranges and lemons, or get yourself a diffuser and some (good quality) citrus oils.  I can help with that:) Trust me, it will help seal the deal!

“I can’t smell”, I hear you say.  Never fear, it does not actually matter.  You see, it is not the nose that does the work, but the limbic system.

The what?

The limbic system is the oldest part of the brain where our most primitive senses reside such as basic drives, instincts, needs and avoidances. Damage to the limbic system can result in an inability to experience pleasure and emotions.

In addition to its primary functions, the limbic system also plays a role in selecting and transmitting information between our short and long-term memories. Selection of, and transmission to these two memories, is performed via corresponding associated regions of the limbic system that receive their information from the various sensory regions such as the sense of smell. This is why the perception of certain fragrances can cause the recollection of distant memories or powerful emotions.

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Using aroma to sell homes triggers emotion