Top Tips for a Dreamy Wedding Space

1. The size of the space needs to work with the size of the wedding.
Worse than being cramped is feeling like there is a massive void and a
feeling of disconnect between guests.

2. Ensure the space ‘flows’. There must be adequate room between tables for guests to get in and out. Tables should face the same direction.

3. Lighting must be WARM. Go to town on fairy lights and any other
lighting that is warm, bright enough to eat, though low enough to create
the mood.

Long tables with shared plates is the ultimate dreamy wedding
Long tables with share plates are the ultimate for a dreamy wedding

The Ultimate Dreamy Wedding Space

4. Use soft furnishings to ensure the acoustics are optimal. Chair covers,
sofas with cushions, rugs all help to reduce the reverb of a large space.

5. Use fresh flowers only as they not only look wonderful though provide a dreamy aroma as well.

6. Keep the colour scheme relatively neutral/pastel/warm. Avoid primary colours for a dreamy space

7. Long tables present beautifully and utilising shared plates encourages guest interaction

Tips for a dreamy wedding space
Hand made centrepieces below eye level

8. Ensure centrepieces are below eye height

9. Utilise flowing white fabrics as ‘curtains’ where possible for the
ultimate dreamy wedding

10. Use natural, organic materials as much as possible. Hand made items make for an extra special touch.  

Fresh flowers make a dreamy wedding space
Fresh flowers for a dreamy wedding space, with the bonus of aroma

Can you think of anything to add to your dreamy wedding space? I would love to hear. Need some inspiration or a hand with your wedding styling? Drop us a line or call today. 0416265836