Happy to help! B4 & After

A little push.

Sometimes all we need is a little push in the right direction and some empowering to action.  Vanessa is the perfect example – see the B4 & After!  Vanessa is the mum of 2 year old twins and a 3 week old.  Moreover, she is SUPER WOMAN!!!  Little Jeremy came a wee bit before Vanessa had a chance to get the nursery ready.  So she was in a situation where she just did not know where to start and she could not make sense of what to do.

The issue.

On entering the room, the very first thing I noticed was the cupboard on the direct right of me was impeding the doorway, cluttering up the room.  We also discussed where the remainder of the furniture would work best, and what we needed to remove from the room for it to look fresh, modern and really inviting to spend all that time feeding. The dark chair needed a face lift as it was too big and black, making the room look super small.

As the main change was moving the furniture, we needed to wait for Vanessa’s husband in order to progress the rest. There may of also been some clearing out that needed to be done now that the twins were in a different room.

Vanessa and I have been in touch over the last few weeks and I went back there to take a look at the final result.  You can be the judge.

AFTER Grace Your SpaceA beautifully styled nursery for mum and baby b4 & after Another angle of styled nursery space B4 & after


BEFORE Grace Your SpaceBefore image of cluttered nursery b4 & after Before image of cluttered nursery B4 & after