AIRBNB Special touches that work!

AIRBNB What special touches work? 

BREAD & MILK  You are on a winner with these two.  Imagine having travelled for a few hours, arriving at your Airbnb and the milk is ready to go for a tea or coffee.  Winning!  Bread and milk is so simple and cheap and easy.  Those who have special diets will BYO, but it is the thought that counts. 

COFFEE  The majority of our guests tend to be coffee drinkers. We have a pod machine and a manual machine, both of which we leave instructions for.  We leave approx 3 pods per person per day. 

SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER  Again easy and inexpensive, just means one less thing that guests have to think about.  

VEGEMITE, PEANUT BUTTER & HONEY  These go without saying.  What is a piece of toast without one of the above? 

WINE  On special occasions, wine is great.  As many people do not drink wine, we do not assume.  

DINNER  When we really resonate with our guests, we will invite them to have dinner with us, and offer them a glass of wine.  All our of guests have really loved the invite to dinner. 

INFO ON THE LOCAL AREA  Kind of like flicking through the folder when you arrive at a hotel, this is an easy touch that guests love as again you have done the leg work for them. 

DIFFUSER   Guests love the diffuser. We leave a few basic oils for them. Lavender to help sleep, lemongrass to keep the mosquitos at bay and lemon for a beautiful fresh kitchen.  

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