Tales of a hoarder’s wife – yes really!

Hi, I’m Suz

Yep, you heard right. I am married to a hoarder!  This time last year, I felt stuck – from a career, relationship and creativity perspective. We had this scenario where all hubby’s ‘stuff’ was stored in the garage which was directly under our bedroom. The energy was all pear shaped and life felt hard. 

I have been blessed with many gifts, however my skill set does not extend to ‘curing’ a hoarder. I can tell you though, my boundaries have been pushed, buttons pressed, patience and empathy sometimes non existent. Why does this matter?

Being a hoarder’s wife means that I have LOTS of experience with getting the environment right for thriving.

I am a conscious creative with a health professional background, 16 years experience as a photographer, an ongoing passion of intuitive styling, and several years of aromatherapy experience.

My intent is to make an impact on the world by improving harmony and wellness.  I have been blessed with gifts which, when combined, have the capacity to transform your place into an authentic liveable space.

Stay tuned to hear all sorts of stories – some crack me up, some frustrate me to drink!  You may identify – please feel free to share your stories too.

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