Day 1 – Open ALL your windows & doors

To clear the energy in your home is something that at first may seem a little “out there.” How many times have you watched a scene in a movie where someone is sitting in bed depressed or sad and the best friend walks in the bedroom, parts the curtains and opens the windows to start the process of cheering her up… you may have even done this yourself. In its simplest form, the act of letting sunlight and fresh air in the room is energy cleansing, also known as space clearing.

Every space holds energy.

Even though you can’t see it, you’ve probably sensed it. For example, you may have walked into a room that looked beautiful, but somehow just didn’t feel right. Or perhaps you’ve been in a space that was decorated poorly, though you immediately felt comfortable. In both instances, you were tuning into the energy of the space. Have you ever referred to the need to “clear the air,” or said something has a “good vibe”? Or perhaps you’ve even simply said that a place had “good energy.” Many commonly used expressions indicate that we intuitively understand that spaces have a certain vibration or feel.

Rooms can hold the energy of  events, emotions, people, and activities.  In order to create more harmony in your surroundings, it can be helpful to clear the energy once in a while.

How to clear your space.

Open your front door and as many windows as possible and imagine a wave of light or gentle wind moving through your home. The light and wind can start in the back of your home and then move through your home towards the front door. This pushes all the stagnant energy out the front door. Next visualise and welcome fresh air, sunshine, and light.

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Open the doors and windows to let the light in