9 things not to have in your home after the age of 30

1. A Futon. Futons are the worst! The older you get the squishier your bed should be. I feel like a princess as I could never do a futon. 

2. Temporary furniture. Often  people wait to move into the ‘forever home’ before they begin to decorate, and until then, simply buy whatever is on sale to fill up the space. By the age of 30, though, you should really be living intentionally—invest in some classic pieces that you can carry with you, but stop waiting.

3. Bare wood floors and postage stamp size area rugs. Rugs ground a room and bring so much warmth and life to a space. Instead of reaching for the quickest solution, reach for a rug that adds texture, colour or pattern—in the largest size your room can handle! It’s amazing how it can elevate the whole look of a room.

postage stamp size rugs are a no no.

4. An unmade bed. It takes 60 seconds in the morning to make up your bed and it starts off your day with an accomplished feeling.

5. Plastic dishware and serving pieces. Not necessary, unless it’s for a garden party.

6. Kitchy picture frames. Yes, the ones of you and your bestie that say best friends. In your 30s its time to invest in timeless pieces that you’ll carry with you forever.

7. That collection of shot glasses from your  travel adventures on display.These are only ok if you’re still at Uni live in a share house!

8. Fake plants or trees. Even if you don’t have a green thumb these just aren’t necessary. Use air plants that only require a small about of water and attention to green up any room. Take a look at these exceptions. 

9. The pillows sold with the sofa. They are uniform and boring. Buy different sized pillows and play with different colours and textures.