8. Designate a Junk Space

Rule number 1 – EVERYTHING has a place in the home. This includes your junk. When it comes to spring cleaning or declutter, there is nothing worse than piles of junk all over the house.

Did you know that too much junk is likely to put you in a funk? What does your junk look like? Is it confined? Do you regularly revisit your junk? Do you have a junk space?

How about this? You have a spot inside the house to put all your bits and bobs. Laundry cupboard or office perhaps? THEN after a month, you revisit said junk and reassess whether you want to keep it.

Ask these questions or seek professional help if this feels too overwhelming: 1. Has this been actioned? 2. Is this important enough to file? 3. Does this bring me joy? 4. Would this bring joy to somebody else?

For larger items, a junk space in the garage works nicely. Again, the key is to revisit after a month 😉

Good luck! Share some pictures of your designate junk spaces on the Group Page.