What is Holistic Interior Styling?

Hi, I’m Suz from Grace Your Space.  My role is Holistic Interior Styling and Photographer.  Sounds a little bit woo-woo doesn’t it? Let me explain. 

There is so much more to a beautiful, calm, harmonious home than spending up on designer trending styles and furniture.   

When it comes to traditional interior design, the tendency is to focus on the concrete aspects within the home, the building, furniture, furnishing and objects rather than the more intangible things like light, air, colour, sound, and aroma. 

Holistic Interior Styling
Holistic Interior Styling improves light, energy, sound, colour and aroma

The Holistic Interior Stylist

We recognise that our homes not only provide a safe haven from the stresses of the world they also have a profound affect on our emotional and mental health.  Our home reflects our moods and if it is well designed it can also give us a healthy and peaceful sanctuary where we can relax and flourish.

Thousands of people spend hours dieting, exercising and having various health-giving treatments; but few take time to consider that their efforts will be in vain if they live and work in an unhealthy environment.  

 The aim of the Holistic Interior Stylist is to harmonise people with their settings by manipulating and improving the subtle atmosphere in a space without having to always buy new and expensive furniture. The focus is on sustainability, environmentally friendly products and repurposing where possible. 

My intention is to positively impact wellness and harmony by transforming places into authentic, liveable spaces.  Simply put, I can make your home look, feel and smell stunning in a cost effective way.

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What is a holistic interior designer?