Insomnia keeping you up?

Insomnia comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We know that Insomnia can be caused by psychiatric and medical conditions, unhealthy sleep habits, specific substances, and/or certain biological factors.

Did you know that your bedroom layout or more specifically poor feng shui can also cause insomnia, plus a whole range of health and wellness issues.

This ancient art, if you don’t know, has to do with how furniture is arranged in a room. It’s thought good placement of pieces allows positive energy to flow – and there’s several very important rules for how your bedroom should NOT be set up.

Insomnia keeping you awake at night?
Insomnia keeping you awake at night?

How NOT to set up your bedroom – (unless you want insommnia)

  1. A bed under the window lacks support
  2. A bed under a sloped ceiling causes pressure
  3. A bed under a beam creates heavy energy
  4. A bed too close to the door lets energy escape
  5. A bed facing a mirror depletes energy
  6. An imbalance of energy
Insomnia keeping you up?
Bed Placements

Our bedroom Feng Shui Report

I actually sleep like a log, and when I did our Feng Shui Report, I could see why, as our master is lovely and balance. In the video, I am just adding the cream on top, as per the report. Hubby has sleep apnoea, so that is a story for another day!

Master Bedroom Yin = Female, Yang = Male

Yin side of house, vertical timber joinery (yang).

Mocha (yin) and grey bedding (yang), with pops of Pantone 279 (blue yin) and grey (yang).

Large framed photograph of elephants in the desert – all shades of greyscale – (yang).

One gray lamp (yang) and one white metal lamp (yang). Couple of photographs with pops of red on my husbands bedside (yang).

The floor boards are almost a Pantone 137 ( yang). Most furniture is wood (yin), light blue planter with succulent (yin) . Metal photo frame holder and white metal candle holder (yang)

I was very happy to see that our Master is mostly balanced, yang just tipping the scales. The soft furnishings work, the lamps work. The imagery works. The only thing I would add is a jute or wool rug under the end of the bed, for comfort under foot and to soften the yang of the floorboards.

Insomnia be gone!

The key to a great nights sleep and preventing insomnia
The perfect bed position to prevent insomnia

To sleep like a baby, click here to book your bedroom Feng Shui report.