Home Decorating From The Inside Out.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

My favourite service is decluttering + feng-shui + home decorating. The relief and joy it brings into lives are priceless.

What’s the most common feedback you get after a session?

People tell me it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders and the house feels like a breath of fresh air. These people actually fall in love with their homes for the first time. One client summed it up perfectly when she said she feels like she is on holidays every time she walks in the door.

Declutter and Home styling
A children’s play room is now a sitting room, plus play room.

What are some misconceptions about what you do?

That it is woo woo! The funny thing is that my background is health, so I am trained in the medical model. It took a chronic disease to take hold of me 15 years ago to open me up to complementary therapies. Since I have worked with an integrated approach, my health has been better than it has ever been.

Wellness is a billion dollar industry focusing on exercise, nutrition, and supplements. If your home is still full of toxic rubbish and negative energy, you miss a crucial part of the puzzle. My role is home decorating from a holistic perspective.

What are your 5 top tips for decorating a room?

Rather than focus on material objects, I start with the more subtle elements of a space. The goodies at the end are icing on the cake.

  1. Declutter
  2. Ensure the correct sized furniture is in the correct sized space, allowing flow
  3. Lighting.

Natural – as much as possible .

Bright bulbs in high use areas.

Warm and subtle in relaxing areas.

  1. Sufficient soft furnishings, floor and window coverings for optimal acoustics
  2. Plants. Indoor plants have astonishing health benefits. Thriving indoor plants indicate good feng shui

Why is decluttering so hot right now?

Oh goodness, how long have we got? We have such a disposable society and many of us need ‘stuff’ to feel good about ourselves. Problem is, that feeling doesn’t last long, so we need more stuff and so it goes on. The effects of clutter go way above and beyond looking messy. The psychological effects of clutter include an increase in stress, decreased productivity, encouraging bad spending habits, affects diet, causes procrastination, plus many more. There is a direct link between clutter and wellbeing or lack thereof.

Are there any well known people who use Feng Shui in their homes?

Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Sting, just to name a few. More importantly, though, many buildings are being constructed using Feng Shui principles, such as Maggie’s Cancer Centres in the UK.

What is the feeling you should get after a decorating session?

After the first consult, clients are so excited and optimistic. I give them homework, so the sooner that is completed, the sooner we can move onto the next step. I need a ‘homework prize’, as clients often compete against others!

Do you make it easy?

Easy and fun! One of the biggest issues I come across is indecision and partners being in disagreement with one another. I often feel like a counsellor in my role, as we spend time looking at the needs and values of family members and how we can make everybody happy whilst achieving the beautiful space they all desire. It is a very collaborative process and I am able to take lots of the guesswork out of it for clients.

What’s the main reason people come to you?

I think many people find a traditional interior designer is out of their league financially. Many are looking for something more authentic and liveable, as opposed to something out of a magazine. My home decorating service meets the gap between the two. I believe that everybody deserves a beautiful space conducive to wellness.