A girl, a chook and dresser

My creativity has been stunted for such a long time, so moving to the country has been the most beautiful refreshing change.  I spent the first couple of months just pottering about, setting up the house and Airbnb, then started some gardening and getting the chooks sorted out.  The chooks are a huge part of our family and I actually think that they think they are people!!!

Being at the property has given me the space to breathe, reflect, and my creativity and desire to be creative has come flowing back.  So much so that I decided to renovate a piece of furniture…which is actually not like me at all!!!  I have been so inspired by Gail, who owns ‘That Yellow Place‘ at Peak Crossing.  She has the most delightful pieces and runs ‘shabby chic’ paintingclasses.  I just had to give it a go myself, and this is how it went.