5 things NOT to do when furniture shopping

If you are anything like me, you would have totally done each of these things! So the 5 things NOT to do when furniture shopping are:-

Forget the tape measure:  Oh my goodness, how silly!  Lucky for me, my foot actually measures a foot and even though we use metric in Australia, I can easily measure using the number of steps.

Take the kids with you:  Arrrrgg, so hard when you are a single mum!  Enter the IKEA ball pen!  Whilst not ideal, it does give an hour of breathing space to browse, or just sit down for a cup of coffee in the AC 😉

Purchase the first item you see: Now this is an interesting one, as throughout my experience, it has always ended up that I purchase the first item that I see!!!  When starting out though, this is not a great idea.

Have no location for items: This is how we build up clutter people!!!!  How do I know this? My husband is a hoarder and obsessed with shopping and is the ultimate consumer.  He does not take into consideration where he is going to put an item, hence we have 2 x 40 foot containers of his crap in the back garden!

Impulse buy: WAY too easy, especially with all the beautifully styled displays, all the colourful cushions and throws.   Heaven!

The great news?

There are options!  Get a friend to take a look at your space and go with you to a. remind you to take tape measure, b. entertain the kids, c. remind you not to purchase the first item you see, d. make sure you know what you are doing and e. steer you away from those stunning soft furnishings.

Good luck and if in doubt, contact a professional! (You know we do shopping as one of our services right??!!  I know, cushy!)