18 ways to Incorporate Ultra Modern Touches into your Queensland Home

Property Styling Brisbane, Property Stylist Brisbane
Ultra Modern Ways To Improve The Value Of Your Home. 📷Sidekik Media

Whether or not you wish to increase your home’s appeal or you want to sell your property located in Brisbane, deciding to seek help from an experienced property stylist Brisbane is a smart idea. Property styling Brisbane isn’t just a trend; it’s a technique that can provide a substantial boost to the value of your home. In order to enhance the beauty of your home heaven or add up to $50,000 extra to your sale price, you can consider following some amazing ways that play a vital role in home beautification.

Among a lot of techniques that act as an effective weapon to increase your home’s appeal and beauty, here are the best 18 modern ways. The perfect utilisation of these modern touches will give you an edge in a competitive market and help you maximise your profits.

18 ways to Incorporate Ultra-Modern Touches into your Queensland Home, by Property Stylist Brisbane, Suzanne McCorkell

1. Ultimate Luxury with Glass Floor over Water: A glass floor over water in your home will provide endless entertainment for you, your family and your guests. Get help to choose a suitable place where the design works best. This shows the luxury of the home as well as incorporating ultra-modern touches.

Property Styling Brisbane, Property Stylist Brisbane
Stunning Water Feature With Glass, By Frank McKinney & Homecrux

2. Ceiling Library: When you are in the process of giving your home an ultra modern look, a ceiling library will help to step up your game. It doesn’t just increase your home’s appeal but also showcases your taste and sophistication. This will give your home a classic, professional, and distinguished look.

3. Secret Tree-house Play Room: A simple secret tree-house playroom is a great addition to make your home more appealing to buyers and the smallest people. A more sophisticated tree-house playroom plan will add more value to your home.

Property Styling Brisbane, Property Stylist Brisbane
Awesome Tree House Play Room by Yakusha Design

4. Sunken Reading Room with Glass Walls: This is one of the greatest modern touches you can give to your home. Imagine a cosy reading room, surrounded by glass, allowing the environment to come in. What a wonderful place to spend time, not to mention impress your guests and potential buyers.

5. Space-Saving Stairs: One of the most popular property styling Brisbane concepts is space-saving stairs though it is utilised globally. This modern style comes with a wide range of designs and materials. You just need to select the one which fits most with your taste and home needs. A property stylist Brisbane will provide a range of solutions.

6. Famous Old Tower Clock Window Concept: The old tower clock window design can transform your traditional home look into modern stylist heaven. This will give your home a stunning look and tells a story about your personality. People with great taste consider this design for their home.

Property Styling Brisbane, Property Stylist Brisbane
The Old Clock Tower Window Design by Surreal Interior Designs, Quaintrelleoquist

7. Stained-Glass Door Made of Pantone Colours: This is an art form on your door that will change throughout the day with different light. Though these are individual laminated glass squares, each with a different Pantone colour, when combined and framed with timber, they become a mosaic of multi-hued light that is breathtaking.

8. Glow-In-The-Dark Wall Murals: This design can give your room a touch of awesomeness. They look beautiful in the light, and when you go to bed, they glow as if bathed in moonlight. This is a great way to incorporate ultra-modern touches to your home.

9. Beautiful Moss Wall in Dining Space or Bathroom: This is the ultimate way to bring natural beauty to your home. It can turn your home into a small forest. Not only modern, but it also brings freshness and cleanliness to your home.

Property Styling Brisbane, Property Stylist Brisbane
The Ultimate Modern Moss Wall, Bringing The Outdoors In. Deavita.com

10. Rock Wall Art: A beautiful rock wall is a very popular home design concept that comes with a modern touch to enhance the beauty of your home. Bringing the inside out and value to your home.

11. Chandelier That Turns Your Room Into A Forest: This design comes with different lighting that will completely change the look and feel of your room. This is such a modern style that will give you a feel that you are staying in a forest with a glittering moon above.

Forest Chandelier Light
Forest Chandelier Light, Forms Of Nature, House Beautiful

12. Fibre Optic Starry Night Sky Bathroom Floor: This is a wonderful way to add some serious sparkle to your boring bathroom floor and create interest for potential buyers.

13. Cosmic Wall Mural: This is another great ultra modern concept with popularity all over the world to give an extraordinary look to your home. It is one of the best ways to incorporate modern touches into your home and represent your unique personality.

Keeping It Simple

14. Blinds and Shutters: Whether or not you want to improve the style or security of your home, blinds or shutters can meet all your demands. It helps increase the privacy and control the light in your home. Modern, easy, and relatively inexpensive. A great way to add huge value to buyers.

15. Hammock-like Bathtub: Such a small concept that can bring a big change to the look and value of your home.

Hammock Bath Tub
Splinter Works Hammock Bath Tub. House Beautiful

16. Pirate Ship Bed: If you want to fully change the appearance of your child’s bedroom and bring a storybook feel, the pirate ship bed is a cool option. The design can make the most discerning little people very happy and add interest and value to your home.

17. M.C. Escher-Inspired Interlocking Wooden Floor: Truly a standout. This unique concept could be one of the favourite design options to increase the beauty and value of your home.

Escher lizard floor tiles
Escher lizard floor tiles

18. Use modern shades and colours: Keeping it simple. Using modern shapes and colours can be a key factor to increase your home’s beauty and appeal. Any personalised shades and colours can make your home paradise look unique and represent your identity.

Your home is your paradise. Whether you are going to live in your home with modern art and design or want to sell your home at a higher value, a professional property stylist Brisbane is a valuable investment. In selecting the property styling Brisbane options, you need to match your needs with the Stylist, both skills and personality.

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