Day 5 – Feng Shui Fun

Congratulations! We are half way there. How is your house feeling? This is a little easy fun one for your Sunday – Feng Shui. Enjoy.

There has been a steady interest in Feng Shui during the last ten years because this ancient Chinese art of placement addresses areas of interior design that are largely ignored in the West. When it comes to interior design, we tend to focus on the concrete things within the home, the building, furniture, furnishing and objects rather than on the more intangible things like light, air, colour, sound, and aroma.

Feng Shui aims to harmonise people with their settings by manipulating and improving the subtle atmosphere in a building without having to always buy new and expensive furniture or having to redecorate. 

Have a bit of fun by downloading the ‘Lucky Directions’ app and having a play. Report back on your findings. 

feng shui is a bunch of fun.  Try it by downloading this app.