Modified Design, Declutter and Styled Home


Do you know the feeling of a space that is stagnant, prickly, tangled, and unwelcoming?

What I do is modify the design, clear the clutter, and style the space.

I am known for my thoughtful blend of interior design ideas.  High and low, contemporary and vintage, Gumtree and custom, for an aesthetic that feels authentic and liveable. 

Bought a ‘staged’ house and can’t get it looking like a home?

I cannot tell you how often this happens.  You fall in love with the house that looks like it comes out of a magazine.  You move in, and your furniture is too small, too blue or too tatty.  What do you do?  You browse online, see something really cool, order it and it still looks rubbish.  Why is this?

It’s all about the context (the surroundings) and perspective (the size of the object in relation to the surroundings).  The reason it looks great in the shop or online is that the item is usually placed within a ‘setting’. So taking the item out of the setting messes with the context and it is really hard to get the perspective right especially when shopping online.

Take a look at what I actually do to bring the home styling magic.

Don’t know where to start with home styling and don’t like shopping?

You are not alone!! I had a conversation one day with one of my clients (and her friend in the back seat) which highlights the reason for this. We jump in the car after our initial consultation and I shout “I am so excited about going homewares shopping”.

She says “I couldn’t think of anything worse, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start!”.  I said, “Yes, but you guys get off on ear wax”…they launched into this grim conversation about the colour and texture of ear wax…………Need I say more?  Some of us are wired analytically, and some of us are creative and intuitive.

Working from home and having difficulty with focus and concentration?

You’ve heard a lot about clutter. You may have also heard the word Konmari in relation to decluttering. Why is this so? From an energetic perspective, CLUTTER STOPS ENERGY. Now it’s time to get the hard facts on how clutter affects your life. Let’s get set to declutter your life. But first, what is clutter?

According to, the noun “clutter” means “a disorderly heap or assemblage; litter.” As in “It’s impossible to find my keys in all this clutter.”

Not surprisingly, there is a considerable amount of research on clutter due to our consumer-driven society. Psychotherapists, physicians, and professional organisers understand the psychological reasons for clutter and its negative effects.

Here’s how clutter affects your physical and mental health, relationships, career, and finances

Dread going home of an evening?

Does your house not ‘feel’ right, but you don’t know why?

Did you know that your immediate surroundings influence how you feel and your house may be making you sick?  Perhaps you need some creative interior design ideas to help you feel at peace in your home.

Need Creative Interior Design Ideas?

I am one of those people who can walk into a room and immediately feel the energy of the space.  When I step into your space, I assess energy flow, proportions, dimension, texture, and aroma – all in a non-judgmental way with compassion and empathy.

Let the magic begin!

“Suz has the amazing ability to transform your home into something warm and stylish (yet functional) using primarily your own things. If new items are required, she takes into account your own style and budget in acquiring them. She really is amazing at lifting a space to its true potential. I highly recommend you give her home styling a try – you won’t be disappointed.” Anne

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