Home Styling in 4 Simple Steps

I have come to understand that there are two things preventing people from falling in love with their homes from a home styling perspective.

  1. Cost
  2. Confusion

I get it! There is so much noise out there, so I have eliminated the confusion by drilling the process down to 4 super simple steps.

  1. We chat on the phone (complimentary) to see if I can provide the service you are looking for within the budget you have
  2. We meet on site and I will assess your space
  3. You decide on your package and I then produce the recommendations, products and services necessary to turn your home from drab to fab
  4. I Grace Your Space

The whole home styling process takes between 4-8 weeks, and I provide homework items in between visits. I step you through the whole process, so it is not only easy but a stack of fun. We collaborate, and YOU make all of the (guided) decisions. Take all of the guesswork and confusion out of it and let’s get to work.

“Suz was amazing. She incorporated feng shui, light and energy principles and helped with our clutter. It’s a total joy coming home now. I feel like I’m on holidays ?! Sounds crazy? But it’s true. The colours selected suit our lifestyle and personality. Importantly the solutions were quite inexpensive but her recommendations priceless. Thanks, Suz”

With regards to cost, I always say that you cannot put a price on wellbeing. Not only will I get your home looking stunning, but it will also FEEL incredible. There is so much more to Grace Your Space home styling than expensive furniture and trending accessories.

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